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Posted 13 June 2011 - 06:56 PM


Kaltxì Forum Members,

It's time for rules, Spam is rampant ! Here a Proposal from me:

  • Respect the Golden Rule: Kemìri a ngaru prrte' ke lu, tsakem rä'ä sivi aylaheru. Be nice to everyone, especially newcomers.
  • The forum, like the film, is rated PG-13. For those outside of the United States or those unfamiliar with the rating: Don't post anything here you wouldn't want your parents or employers to see. This includes nudity, distasteful material, and any hateful attitudes. There are plenty of other websites out there specialize in risque and offensive things. Keep it there - don't bring it here please.
  • Spam, and advertising other websites or forums will not be tolerated.
  • Do not necropost, this could lead to the spread of old or incorrect information and confuse people. If you don't think the thread has much incorrect information and you've got something very useful to add, you're probably ok. PM a mod if you're not sure.
  • If you have a personal conflict or an issue with other members, please try to first resolve it in private via our messaging system. Issues concerning the site or its documents should be posted in the corresponding forum or sub-forum.
  • Outside of the Off Topic and Spam Section, please try to stay on topic. A forum is a discussion board, not a chat.
  • Your moderators are members like you who have been appointed to enforce the forum rules and keep things running smoothly. Respect their authority, and avoid arguments
  • If you have an issue with another member's post or you see another member breaking these rules, do not hesitate to report it to a moderator, or send a moderator a private message
  • Do not abuse the karma system.
  • You gota upload your images to http://avatarmovieclub.com/imagehost/ and then post image to topic.
  • Signature rules:
    • No images larger than 500x100 pixels
    • No vulgarities
  • Bannable offenses:
    • Deliberately or repeatedly violating copyrights.
    • Community member harassment.

I will update this forum rules now and then to make some changes Posted Image

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