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RP (Roleplay)

Roleplayers, Please Note:

This is a forum, not a sex chat, so if you go that far in RP, then do so in PMs, and not on the public forum. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but there are minors on this forum that don’t need to be warped and corrupted by any of that. Here are a few ground rules as far as RP is concerned.
  • Keep it clean. As stated aboe, use soething like PM or PC (Private Message or Private Chat) That way there won’t be any x-rated shit in this forum.

  • Post in the topic if it is an open RP (anyone can join in) or if it is a private one between you and a friend or two. That will cut down on the interruptions and distractions.

  • Make sure to indicate RP and RL conversation (Roleplay & Real Life). Use markers to show when you are talking in RL like //Got to head off. Pick up tomorrow\\ etc. Don’t just assume people know when you are RPing and when you’re not. (Don’t necessarily have to use that, though)

  • Identify when you are describing a scene and when a person is actually speaking. For example, use (*) before and after a scene or action description and then type out what the person says, or simply use (“) to symbolize that someone is talking. Either way, distinguish between description and speaking.

  • Take note of how others RP. If you find one that is hard to follow or one that is badly strewn (thrown) together, then let the aughor know. That way he/she can improve it. RP is fun, but only when others can follow what’s going on.

  • No random shit. If you’re going to have a tornado RP (One with no storyline or plot concept) make it clear in the topic title.
That’s it, guys. Follow these rules and RP will be fun and understandable. Don’t, and it will be removed. This is experimental, so we’ll see just how it goes. If you abuse this forum, posting porn-like RP here, then it will be deleted and you will be warned. Do it again, and your account will be suspended. (Not to sound harsh, but come on, guys. Use your heads, and I mean the ones on your shoulders)


Character Backgrounds

What is your story? Who are you? Define your RP character here

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