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Posting Fanfiction


All Authors Please Note:


This is a general fanfiction forum, so I'll be posting a few rules so as to cut down on the confusion. Failure to follow these rules will result in two warnings followed by the removal of your post.


1.     Post your subject in your topic title along with your story's name (Avatar/MLP/Tomb Raider etc.)

2.     In the body of your topic post something similar to this:

·         Title

·         Chapter Number/Chapter Title

·         Rating G-M (Play it safe with your ratings. If it has cursing go with T "Teen")

·         Characters (if there is a certain pairing e.g. Jake/Neytiri)

·         Genre (Angst, Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, etc.)

·         Summary (Make it brief, but not non-descriptive. Tell the reader what your story is basically about without giving it away)

3.     Be ready to take some flames. Some people ain’t going to like what you post, but that’s their decision to read it. (If they want to suffer through a pairing or subject they don’t like, then let them)

4.     Please attempt to keep stories organized. Don’t flip between scees or have simple conversations without directing it toward someone or separating the scenes by a break or something.(Even if you have to do something like center ******** as a break, put forth the effort to make sure your story is readable.


Readers Please Note:


This forum runs on a strictly volunteer basis. If you don’t like what authors are putting out, don’t read it, plain and simple. If you hate Jake/Neytiri stories, don’t read them. If you think Avatar is a rewrite of Pocahontas and you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Here are a few rules for you lot as well:


1.     Read what you like and not what you don’t.

2.     Keep the reviews clean. (Don’t blast the author with explicits)

3.     If you have any concerns about the language of the story or the rating being misjudged, then contact an admin or the moderator of the forum

4.     Respect others’reviews (Don’t bag on someone because they think the story’s awesome and you don’t, or vice versa.

5.     Give the author some “real” feedback (Don’t just say “Liked it, more please!” Come on, we work hard to put this stuff out)


That’s all I’ve got. Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules to a decent extent will have their stories or reviews removed, but you will be warned first.



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